Combined Culture Films


The Project: Rewritten 

The Execution: Highlight the prevention of sexual assault by emphasizing ways we can improve safety on college campuses and encourage conversations around consent.

My Role: My first project as one of the creative directors. I helped spearhead the writing, strategy, and story concepting for this film. 


Over 400 shares + reached over 48,000 people on FB, Over 10,000 views. Reported by Oregon KVAL news during primetime TV. Shared by EndRapeOnCampus, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, ‘No More’, Adidas Originals, and is sponsored by the University of Oregon

The Project: Dream. Create. Conquer

The Execution: We teamed up Adidas and Kanye West to promote the idea of dreaming, creating and conquering regardless of what others think.

My Role: This was my first project with Combined Culture and I helped come up with different creative concepts.


Published by Nice Kicks. Over 100k views on Youtube. Shared by Adidas Director of Entertainment, Jon Wexler. 


Website: Combined Culture