The Task:  Nintendo is a beloved childhood brand for young millennials, how can we bring back that nostalgic feeling?

The Execution: An interactive app can be reborn as the cure for subway ride restlessness, welcome to the Nintendo Subway Takeover. 


Student Work




real ass billboard2.png

Subway Pass Re-Design: Users will use their train ticket to gain access to the races in the app and pick an iconic character.


In App Mock Up: After a user picks a character, they will choose a map and then be placed in the next avaliable race. 

nintendo maps.png


nin game.png


Mystery Box Print for In Game Use: Users will be able to scan mystery box print ads, and use the item they receive later in the race.

Player Location Map: Within the app, users will be able to see who is is playing and where they're located.


Art Director/Designer: Emily Leclerc